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Pascale Heliot

2011-2012 Assistant, Academy of Fine Arts £ód¼, Visual Arts Department

2007-2008 Assistant, Academy of Fine Arts Poznań, Painting Department

2007 Diploma, Painting Department, ASP Poznań

2004-2007 Studies in Painting in the class of prof. P.C. Kowalski, ASP Poznan

2001-2004 Studies in Grafic Arts in the class of prof. K. Bere¼nicki, ASP Gdańsk

1996-2001 State Lycee of plastic Arts, specialisation in Painting, PLSP Zielona Góra

1988-1994 I degree in classic violin, National Public Music School, Zielona Góra


2010 "£ód¼ Design 2010", Gallery Wschodnia, £ód¼

2010 "Twister", Gallery Wozownia, Toruń

2008 "Twister", Gallery Sztuki, Legnica

2008 "MÓZg", Bydgoszcz

2007 "Twister", Gallery Promocyjna Bank PKO BP

2005 "Emanations outside, between", Gallery Pikabia, Poznań


2017 FESTIVAL SECO Tinta invisible editions, Spain

2015 Artevistas gallery, Spain

2014 X Ruta del art, Castello de Empuries, Spain

2013 Hipermerc'art, Gallery Safia, Sala Vincon, Barcelona

2013 Delivery from Poland, Centre of Contemporary Art Cal Massõ, Reus Spain

2013 "Creative Roads", Art Gallery Legnica, bwa Kielce

2012 "Untouchable", Mediations Biennale, Poznań

2011 "New tendencies in Polish Painting 2", Bydgoszcz

2011 "Forms of Apartments", Gallery Miejska Arsena³, Poznań

2011 "Fashions Object", Gallery ON, Poznań, Gallery, Leszno

2010 "Public Space - Context", II International Painting Contest, Gallery Profil, CK Zamek Poznań

2010 "8. triennial Small Format Paintings", Gallery Wozownia, Toruń

2009 "Young painting from Wielkopolska", Bonn, Frankfurt, Berlin Belle Etage, Munchen Wiesbaden, Norynbergen

2009 "Self Portrait 2009", exposition after competition, Museum Regional, Stalowa Wola

2009 "Lines on the Sky", Gallery ON, Poznań

2009 "Survival Art Review 7", Pawilon Czterech Kopu³, Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych, Wroc³aw

2009 "more o less", mural urban art festival Hidden, Poznań



2009 Director's Price, "Painting in Public Space", Culture Centre Zamek, Poznań

2009 Honorable Mention, "Self Portrait 2009", Museum Regional, Stalowa Wola

2007 First Price, nation-wide young painting review "Promotion 2007", Gallery Sztuki, Legnica

2007 Erasmus, University of Granada (Spain)